Thursday, August 1, 2013

the intersection of work & play (& the KPR beast)

I'm feeling lucky these days that my training is taking me to amazing and lightly trodden places around Bend, OR. I'm loving that moment when you crest a hill high up in the mountains and realize that relatively few people will see that same view (let alone be crazy enough to run up there rather than properly hike). 

skimmin across a snow field near the peak of Broken Top mtn. 

just a minute to enjoy the view....(or catch my breath- air is THIN up there!)

I've also been able to get out and explore the billions of trails on my new Cannondale Women's Tagno 29er.
Going up....

29er time

sights from a mountain bike - Tumalo Falls

All this training has let me spend a little more time doing another fun thing- eating! I've been ripping through the Bonk Breakers with this huge training block.... I'm especially thankful and obsessed with the new mini PB&J Bonk Breakers - 125 calories of yum & perfect to pop a few in a your jersey pocket on any exploration
love my minis! 

post swim pre-ride breakfast #2- Banana Bonk Breaker & Americano 

post-run blender fun - watermelon, mint, ice, honey
So yes- lots of training & eating going on and it all seems to be at the intersection of work & play. I'm working so very hard, but loving every minute of exploring a new (to me) part of the country and everything just feels right.

"What's all this training for?" you may ask... Well, darn... I've been asking myself that same question and it is a host of if...thens... right now.

Here's the scoop. I had planned on trying to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii (10/12) .. For Kona, they pick the top 35 (of 308) women in a points ranking system to go. I am currently ranked #41. For the qualifying year, I have a 2nd place (Ironman Wisconsin), 5th place (Ironman Cairns), 9th place (Ironman Cozumel), and 11th place (Ironman Cabo). Alas, this is not enough points to get a lady to Kona! The bar is high and without getting too deep into the depths of the beast that is the Kona Points Ranking (KPR), let's just say at this point it will be a gamble to try to make the cutoff. But I'm good for a gamble, you know.

I'd like to do one more race to qualify for Kona 2013 (and that race is Ironman Whistler on 8/25), but there are about 10 other professional women who are trying to do the same thing (race one more Ironman, especially the very high points US Champs Ironman Mont Tremblant)  for the final 8 slots that are picked at the end of August. I think I could do very well at Whistler, and I know I would need that top result in order to squeeze in.

Option 2 is to hold off on Kona one more year, and go all-in for the win at an early season Ironman (and you know I love Ironman Wisconsin!!!!) while others still have their eyes on the Kona prize this year.

In all honesty, I go back and forth on both options daily, and the path may not even come completely clear until very close to Ironman Whistler. But for now, the plan is Whistler and I'm super excited to race the Inaugural race there and compete in my first race in Canada..
So yeah, I'm training...for something.. something good I hope! (but don't worry Mitch, I know that "Hope is not a strategy".
Back to chopping wood.


Christine said...

Yay! So excited you might come to Whistler. We'll welcome you with open arms (and a place to sleep, if you need).
Happy training!

Alison said...

Hopefully we'll see you in Whistler for some Canadian hospitality!

JC said...

Love all the pics - and whatever you decide will turn out AWESOME! Happy training Chica!

sweetsweat said...

What a gorgeous place to train! And, yes, come to Whistler! It's gonna be a beautiful race! Happy training :)

Marcia said...


GoBigGreen said...

Oh you KNOW what i am going to say. WISCONSIN:) of course you have to come back. I wont be racing so i can cheer even harder than last time.
The great thing Beth is you have so many choices and unlike the saying, you do have time. So listen to your gut! And Ive yet to try a BB, shame on me?

Jennifer Ward Barber said...

I feel a scaled down version of this! Training, but not for anything REALLY. Go for Whistler...Canada will like you. Miss ya!

rr said...

Do em both. You got this, Skippy! xo

Born To Endure said...

Either way I hope you do very well and get to KONA!!!

The Track Hack said...

Welcome to Bend, Beth! Come in to Deschutes Brewery for some (free) samples. Consider the Twilight 5k on the 15th, best mid-week race around and huge party afterward! And Haulin' Aspen this Sunday, more great trails just west of town. Onward....nick