Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday Funday

you know when you write a post and finish about 90%  then forget to actually make it to 100%? Well, here's an update from last week:

Post-Ironman week has been about recovery. Eating random things, lots of coffee dates with friends and my athletes, a little spin here & there, and shaking the soreness. I hate the word "indulging", but I guess I did my fair share of that this week to balance out all the good behavior the past few months.

Today was one of those days I remembered how much I love just doing what I do on a daily basis.
Let me back up a bit....I guess Sunday Funday started on Saturday night. Double date night with Kir & M....that ended up at VGs donuts. VGs is a staple in Cardiff, CA...and rumor has it if you slip the guy a $10 bill, he'll open the doors for you after 10pm
me and kir....caught in donut-eating act! 
 Sunday funday also included coffee with friends, a fun yoga class, a sunday spin and ended up at the beach...
bonfire w/the crew.... i started with a super healthy kale/pesto/chicken situation and ended with a fresh toasted S'more & some red wine.. balance is key, right?

That was it from the Sunday Funday post, but might as well throw in a little update since then....This past week, Ironman recovery continued and I stayed true to doing barely nothing.

This was easily accomplished however, as I accompanied the Bonk Breaker team out to Interbike (basically an enormous bike/triathlon/you name it tradeshow in Las Vegas.) Three days working 10 hour days at the show, three late nights on the Las Vegas scene and I was cooked! 

Me & Becky 

Nightime fun: Cross Vegas

I came back to San Diego LATE Friday night not-so-rested, but more than ready to get back into the swing of things and start my next big training block....

Well, and no place better to do it than.....
KONA! Sunday morning we hopped the plane to the big island and I'll be here for the next month. I know, #lifeistough . But, I do plan to make it tough and squeeze every ounce of hard work and dedication I can muster into my training....Because in my year "off" from my job, I plan to leave no stone (or big rock like Kona) unturned! 

Landing on the rock....the pic shows the road that climbs to Hawi- a special road for Ironpeople! 


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Beth said...

So awesome that you get to train in Kona! What's your next race?