Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kona update

I've been hunkered down on the big island for two and a half weeks now and have witnessed the amazing transformation from sleepy town to full-on Iron village. The past few weeks, I logged some very solid training, taking advantage of the harsh conditions (wind & heat) for riding and running- I think it's making me tough! The only thing that's not harsh here is the swimming.... Swimming at the Kona pier is ridiculous- perfect temperature and plenty of #fishporn all around. Just like swimming in an aquarium. 
The morning scene at Dig Me Beach
From 6 to 9 am, the pier is a busy place on race week
After 2+ really hard weeks of training, I'm able to take this week a little easier and enjoy race week. I've been helping Luke get race ready and with his media/sponsor stuff.
Interviews for Luke... (btw- this is at Daylight Mind - the awesome new coffee joint) 
Photo shoots
I've also been spending some time visiting with my own sponsors and triathlon family from around the world. Last I checked out the expo and went to a fun dinner at the Bonk Breaker house.

Vintage trisuits at ZOOT expo booth to compliment

Throwback Zoot tri kits! love this!
visiting myself at the Cannondale booth...
With just 3 days until race day, it's almost go time and I'm so excited for this spectating adventure! What else would you like to see from the big island as the big race approaches?


JC said...

I think it should be mandatory for all ZOOT athletes to race in retro gear at least 1 race of the year. Ahhhh I have total kona envy. Enjoy and good luck to the man.

lindsaydunton said...

How do I order that Throwback Zoot Kit. LOVE IT!!

Marilee Knox said...

What happened to Luke's wife? Maybe this is an 'inappropriate' question but curious since they were like the 'triathlon couple' and then all of the sudden...and I guess you could say you're a public figure since you have a public blog. Just wondering.