Thursday, November 21, 2013

catching up......

Since Kona it's been go, go, go, but not in the train, train, train sense of the word. Lately it's been a lot more of live, life, love, and I'm good with that. Taking a break before ramping up for some early 2014 races came at just the right time.... Since we last talked, I headed to Philadelphia for a few days to hang with my parents (it's getting cold over there!), then we went straight on to the bahamas for the UWC Bahamas Triathlon in Nassau.

The Bahamas tri was not just a morning of racing, but a complete week of fun and adventure. From spear fishing with Mark, to an impromptu swim race through some shark-y (but harmless) waters, to fabulous wine tasting parties, to sea planes to private islands, it was a truly unforgettable week. Thank you so much to the UWC Triathlon, Barbara Ann, Farnum, Mark Holowesko, and all those that made it so unique.
Pro Women: Alicia Kaye, Gwen Jorgensen, Lauren Brandon, Heather Wuertle, Sara McClarty, Jenna Parker, Moi
After the Bahamas, we headed back to San Diego and moved into a new house! Considering we didn't find out that the place was ours until we were in the bahamas, returning home included several days of packing up the old place, getting into the new, and buying all the things that make it feel like home. I may have logged zero training hours for four days straight, but I'm pretty sure the furniture-lifting and Bed-Bath & Beyond speedwalking sessions added up nicely.
lil yellow house

It felt like as soon as we settled in, it was time to head up to LA for the red carpet movie premiere of The Lone Survivor.
oh you fancy. 
This visit also included an impromptu swim race with the film's Executive Producer in the Beverly HIlls hotel pool. Don't ask......
very serious race. big trophies. 

A couple nights ago we had a couple of friends over for the first time (I made Mexican Taco Stew (easy to feed a group!). Just as we were enjoying a little wine and some experimental gluten free pumpkin white chocolate chip cookies & baked apples, the drug testers showed up. Buzzkill! It was pretty funny and made for a lot of good snapchats as our guests had never experienced the random drug testing calls.

Other than that, I'm loving my new "job". I've been busy coaching and supporting my athletes through the end of the season. Two of my hardest working ladies, both named Katie, just each PR'd by over 20 minutes at their respective races this weekend at Ironman Arizona and Philly Rock 'N Roll half marathon. (you can see Ironman Katie's race recap here) I'm getting pretty excited for 2014... I have several athletes that will be competing in their first half Ironman and/or Ironman, a few "pure runners" training for Boston and other spring marathons and some seasoned competitors. Entering December, it's fun to mix up the training, making sure everyone gets into the gym to build a solid foundation. A few eyes will pop when they see workouts on the rowing machine combined with gym days ("but wait, that's not triathlon! ") but it's all part of the fun & progress & an injury free 2014.

Here's to a happy & healthy holiday season. I'm off for a fall (rainy & chilly by SoCal standards) run in my new Zoot winter gear!

We're off to Australia for 5 weeks (hello summer!) and back to training tomorrow... I'm definitely planning more frequent updates on adventures, training, kangaroos and crocodiles, so get prepared...
Cheers! Beth