Sunday, April 28, 2013

f1 Fearless pro triathlon - race report

I'm not even sure how I ended up on the start line on a Wednesday night after work lined up w/ a bunch of ITU chicks, (and supposedly 8 Olympians but I didn't fact check this) doing a draft legal double super sprint for a 10k prize purse. Wha wha you say? I KNOW. Seriously, how do I get myself into these things? Quite the venue for my first ever draft legal race, but you know....

And I got to race my Cannondale Women's Supersix Evo (I mean- check it out, SRAM Red, Zipp 404s and light as can be..i'm totally obsessed with this bike & its stealthiness & I ride it every chance I get!)

I'll call that race my #YOLO moment of the month and well, I'm stoked I did it. All in all (spoiler alert!), I got in a great fast workout, I made a little bit of money for working out, I competed in a small field with arguably some of the best endurance athletes in the world, and I only had about 5 to 10 moments where I wanted to go all ostrich-style and hide my head in the sand.

The race was Swim 400m, Bike 6k, Run 1.5k...and then  hop back in the drink and do it again...Double your pleasure double your fun.
women & men swim start #sopro (Photo: Kevin@TriLounge)
i'm in the middle in the black zoot kit (Photo: Triathlete Magazine)

Here's how it played out: I was 30 seconds or so back from the pack on the 1st swim and that gap widened. I biked alone (which is not very exciting in a draft legal race I tell you!) and then made up a little time on the run.
Ostrich moments I can recall offhand: 1) going out of T4 on my bike and mounting WITH NO HELMET and being sent back after riding away to get my helmet. d'oh! 2) getting lapped on the bike (I blame this on the helmet sitch...right?), well, that and the fact that  each lap of the bike was only 1k so there is not much leeway when you aren't a swimmer with gills too.. I wasn't the only one to get lapped though so it's cool...or not... 

I am not near this beautiful lil pack. But they are demonstrating very well how this should be done.( Photo: Triathlete Magazine)
The leaders... (Photo: Kevin@TriLounge)

Repeat that whole swim/bike/run x2. I eventually passed 2 girls and squeezed into 10th place for the last paycheck.
Speaking of ostrich moments...Here's me diving back in for Round 2...
graceful, eh? (Photo: Kevin@TriLounge)

 Oh wait, that's not me....THIS is me. haaaaaaa!

note to self. learn to dive off a dock?(Photo: Kevin @TriLounge)

Gwen Jorgensen & Andrew Hewitt running for 2nd place (Sara Groff was 1st) (Photo: Triahlete magazine)

And...that's proof I was there...Thanks Kevin @TriLounge for the photo

Thank you so much to Lars and USA Triathlon who made the Fearless F1 Pro possible- This format of racing is FUN! For more pics and full results, Check out Jay Prashun's LAVA article.
Thank you to all of my sponsors.....Very excited to be tuning up for the big races to come!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Why not?

Me again...Just checking in...Why not?
This weekend took me on a  bike ride to Lake Wohlford with Bella & Donna, two of my favorite training partners that haven't been around since last summer...
Donna cruising up Del Dios (2 hip surgeries later!)

Was just like old times with the girls & Stingray (that's me...b/c coach Pete used to say I was like a Stingray... always floating off the back. And Bella also had a special friend named Stingray growing up but that's a different story for a different day. )

After a long brick session and some speedy packing, I set off to San Francisco to do some more training and see my best friend from high school with her 5 month old baby archer.
visiting baby A

The weekend has included a couple fun dinners, a "3 hour tour Gilligan's Island" type trail run around Mt. Tamalpais, a long continuous swim session and catching up with the Blancos &  AIMP Coach Hauth.
long swim....5000 straight w/ some backstroke mixed in there...

Somehow I happened upon San Francisco when the temps were in the 80s and there was no fog to be found. #myluckyday

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where was I? this is kind of awkward...I mean, I don't think I've gone this long without blogging since I started this blog in 2007 (before I ever did a triathlon!) Here is my 3rd or 4th post....kind of my "backstory". Embarrassing but refreshing to read the old me. So enamored (though I kind of still am).

It just doesn't feel right! I love blogging. Growing up in triathlon through my blog has been one of my most favoritest things I've done in endurance sports and life. The people I've met. Those that have inspired me. Sometimes I hope that I've inspired some as well.

I haven't ignored my blog this past month or so because I've had a couple blah races I didn't want to write about (in fact, those are the EASIEST to write about...the only time blogs are hard to write is when everything is all sunshine and roses and you're winning all the time because then even I get annoyed with myself. That's one of the reasons I turned pro after all...nobody wants to read the same "I won my age group!" race report over and over...

Anywho, I digress. Let's talk about the last couple of months. Well, it's been busy. Here's the thing. Work (like my real job, my day job...Has been on fire. Or putting out fires. Or a combination of both and just flat out really busy. I like to leave work in the late afternoon to get in a workout, but in order to do so, lately I've been bringing a lot of work (psych report writing if you're interested) home. Then there's my other new hobby- coaching through rêve endurance. Nowadays, I tend to spend my free hour (sadly no "s" on there typically) at night and Sat/Sunday afternoons writing training plans and checking in with athletes. I'm totally loving it and its great to see my athletes making progress and getting into the race season.

And I feel like I've been traveling a ton...Cabo took a chunk of time, I hit up Chicago to see my sister and her twin kidlets, I went up to San Clemente for a couple nights, and Oceanside 70.3 felt like it took a chunk of time & effort too even though it was a "hometown" race.
Nephew & Niece- Luke & Elli in chicago
And then theres the training! Well, that hasn't changed much. I can totally handle my training load, it's just that when things get super busy, I don't usually compromise too much on training and try to stick with my plan even if that means forgoing a night out with friends or a sit down to write a blog....
But anyway. This is important to me. I love it. AND, my schedule seems to be clearing up a bit, so no more excuses!!!

So, let's recap...
1) Ironman Cabo!
I ended up 11th woman overall, finishing just under 10 hours on one of the toughest Ironman courses I've encountered...the Cabo bike is a BEAST! Wind, heat and lots of hills made it fun & honest & very very hard. I ran a 3:10 for 2nd fastest female run, but it wasn't fast enough to compensate for my "meh" swim & bike. I was disappointed in my swim & bike but am giving myself a hall pass until the next one. Without getting too personal, I had one of the toughest winters of my life, and combined with the work/life stress, I'm just happy to be out there competing and ready to be 100% by the summer. I've made big steps to move on and get on with my life and racing career and I'm happy to say that I'm already excited about writing the next chapter.
I did have one "WIN" in Cabo. I bet Chris Hauth a margarita that I could run the IM marathon faster than him.  And 76 seconds in my favor (sorry, C, 3:11 not cutting it!) says I did! 
2) California 70.3
Oh, my dear dear hometown race. It was 2 weeks after Ironman Cabo and I knew I shouldn't be racing it. I was not feeling anywhere close to my tippy top form but I just couldn't let go and sit it out. So I toed the start line. I swam 1.2 miles, I biked 56 miles, and then I ran.....for a while...about 6 miles actually. And then I did what I've never done before- I dropped out. Believe me, I know there are people on both sides of the fence about pros dropping out of races. I don't like to do it. But also, I knew I had a chance to recover much more quickly and start laying down a super solid training block for the next race (St. George 70.3) and I opted to do that once I realized that I was far away from earning any Kona/Vegas points or any money. So it was a business decision. And as a professional triathlete, if you are not trying to run a business, then it's really just a hobby that you're REALLY good at. I don't know. I think my lesson learned is that maybe I just need to more fully consider every start line that I bring myself to. And if I can't bring my "A" game, maybe just sit it out. But darn, I really did have fun at Oceanside and I just love that race and I loved being a part of it...

3) Training
Is SO good!

First off, all my new #hotcoral Zoot kits & gear are in and I LOVE them. So obsessed and love the freshness of a new year and new possibilities. 
I'm doing some new stuff swimming c/o Training Bible's Adam Zucco...I met up with him for a swim in Chicago and we did an awesome video/technique session. He's helping me mix it up, see some flaws in my technique, and is giving me some tangible goals to work towards to become a better open water triathlon swimmer. My plan of going to masters swim 6-7 days a week for over a year worked....for a while...and then I plateaud. So it's time to step up my game and get out of my comfort zone (which is really really hard because Encinitas YMCA masters at 6am IS my happy place and my one "known" every day, every week of my training shchedule. And now, I have to (gasp!) THINK! and PLAN! oh my.
Riding has been really fun lately thanks to some fun new training partners and some of the old staples. My watts are UP (that's my power on the bicycle for those who don't know), but I'm still working on translating that into race speed.
Warming up for a 20k time trial (result= 10 more watts than February!) 
We're working on my position and all sorts of stuff and i WILL get this figured out...
recent trainer sesh with Keith (who just went 4:02! and 1st Amateur at Galveston 70.3) 
Keith's pre-trainer "snack" - [those are dead cupcake soldiers.](not pictured- half a jar of peanut butter).  p.s. it was only a 90 min trainer ride. 
Other than that- planning some exciting races in May/June, but they're still on the drawing board so not certain yet. All I know is my next move is the U.S. Championships in St. George, UT on May 4th. It will be an all-star field and I'm happy and excited to race with the best of the best.

More soon....FOR REAL!
xo, B

 p.s I also learned how to properly clean my bike thanks to Marc and learned a super secret weapon to clean the cassette and frame and all the moving parts...

Oh yeah, and for my #twitterbookclub... Read this! I love it so far.