Friday, January 24, 2014


Oh.....back in "the day". A Facebook post by Emily Cocks (her first "amazing" aero position) got me thinking about the beginning of my triathlon days and searching through old photos from 2007 when I started running & 2008 when I started this triathlon business and I then shared my first "aero" position w/ the twitter/insta/FB-verse. I also dug up a couple other gems that reminded me of a) how things have changed, but b) that pure pure love and fun that every day held when it was all "firsts". It's fun to go back there, and now that i'm sidelined from the top of my racing game until this baby comes out in May, I'm kind of excited that I'll get to have some of those feelings again when I get back to it!

In 2007, I did 2 running races. My first two races ever, before I broke my hip. The picture below was from the Sue Krenn 15k in 2007- probably the furthest I had ever run. So, of course I needed some huge iPod armband and some headband-style white headphones.....

jammin' w my headphones. 
For my first triathlon (a sprint distance w. Tri Club San Diego), I bought my very first Zoot outfit..... Hey hot pink booty shorts! I'm pretty sure I didn't care about going fast, but I wanted to look good.... Not sure about "good", but definitely ridiculous with that amazing aero position and pink booty shorts... (PSA- this is what my arms looked like before I swam millions of yards in 5 years...Take from it what you will.. R.I.P. skinny arms! ) . Oh, and that bike- my first bike was an Orbea (Dad bought it for me as a present for obtaining my Masters. We shopped for it with me while I was on crutches. I had sufficiently scared my Dad by "becoming a runner" and breaking my hip within a couple months, so he was eager for me to diversify with 3 sports).... I did my first year of racing on that bike including my first half ironman... Once I got a TT bike, I was able to return this one to it's road bike integrity and kept it for 5 years.

 This was one of my faves... I began racing with Breakaway Training (hence the orange top) but kept the pink booty shorts....I fondly remember that very first pair of Zoot racers- the original turquoise- I think this was the year Zoot started making shoes- & i've never raced a triathlon in anything else.
If you've been reading this blog for.....well, ever, you may remember that I thought I had won the Imperial Beach triathlon and was cruising through the finish chute when this girl twice my size owned me and showed me who was boss.....Ever since I've been  totally-paranoid finish-chute-turn-head-ten-times-to-see-if-anyone-is there-girl....

That's enough for now. There's plenty more embarrassment if you search the archives of this blog. Hope you've all had a good week......See you next week! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ch ch ch changes!

Oh "change"......A typical New Year's post, right?
So many things that could change...
changing coaches? nope.
changing zipcodes? nah, just moved.
changing a litterbox? I wish! I love kitties!
changing outlooks? you could say that...
changing athletic goals? well, sort of a side effect...
changing diapers? BINGO!
We have a winner! And what have we won? a tiny human! To be delivered to Luke & I at the end of May.

Yes, if you're surprised....join my friends and family. Best text response I received:
not a puppy

SO, its not a puppy...WHAT? HOW? (oh c'mon, you know how!!!)
It's a story with an interesting start... You see, as a professional triathlete, although at a healthy weight and diet, I didn't always get a monthly period...So, miss a couple? Never fret. It always comes eventually. I can pretty much count on it every 3 "ish" months.....So a couple months after seamlessly switching birth control methods, I realized that the extra 5lbs despite big training, constant exhaustion, and "plateau" in my fitness was apparently NOT overtraining syndrome. Quite the genius I am.

So the way I figure it, I really will only have a short pregnancy as a few months were explained away as fatigue, "too much too soon" after Ironman, and under recovery (Remember when I was throwing up on the bike at Ironman Wisconsin and had no idea why.....hmmmm.......)

All kidding aside, Luke & I are very excited about this new adventure and can't wait to become parents....I always knew I wanted to have kids, just wasn't sure I wanted to bake one just yet... But apparently the oven is hot!

In all honesty, I was a bit shell-shocked with the news at first. What about my goals? my races? my sponsors? Well, turns out I am one pretty lucky girl and they will all still be there in May and though I'll have my work cut out for me, I'm not letting go of my athletic goals... I STILL want to win an Ironman, I STILL want to compete in Kona as a professional, and Luke & my supporters have helped me see that it's completely possible. I may have even penned in a race or two at the end of 2014 to keep the big dreams alive.....(note: though the races are penciled in, there are NO expectations- at this point I'll have to wait and see what my body & the baby have in store, but I found my outlook has been GREAT with at least the thought of "what if I could?")

There may even be several "participation" races in the next few months... gotta stay busy and have fun- though my "training" has largely been downgraded to "exercise" and just moving around. Intervals? what are those? I've been doing at least one "thing" a day and its usually running 40-60 min, functional strength at Rehab United, pilates, spin class, masters swim, easy spin with a friend and the occasional long run with friends I don't usually get to run with (this has been FUN!). NOTHING crazy and only what I feel up to on that day.
Last weekend I did the Naples sprint tri and then we "announced" the baby happenings on Instagram/FB/Twitter with this picture....
Naples, FL sprint tri - 22 weeks
I promise not to turn this into a pregnancy blog and will give ample warning for pregnant stuff, but I will give you a glimpse of the good & bad of trying to stay fit and pregnant and definitely overuse the hashtags #fitpregnancy and such just to piss off the boys.

Thank you so much to all of my sponsors who are sticking by me through my pregnancy, 2014 and beyond. I feel truly lucky and blessed on so many levels..

In addition to Luke and my friends and family, my sponsors for the coming adventures are:
Zoot (I've already discovered that the Ultra Kane's are perfect for my longer slooooooower runs w/ baby belly & the CompressRx tank tops look cute and "keep it all in")
Cannondale (the Slice got a workout this weekend at Naples tri, but the Evo is my comfortable ride for indoor trainer sessions and easy spins with friends)
SRAM / Zipp / Quarq (I'm totally owning the "yes I'm riding 404s with this belly look" )
Rehab United (Bryan and crew have been AMAZING at keeping me coming to all my strength sessions and adapting them for me. Bryan also has some post-natal certifications and such that he is going to get to use to bring me to champion-dom after the baby comes)
ISM saddles (Let me tell you- when you weigh a good chunk more, you notice your saddle more! And by notice, I mean, I don't notice at all because the Attack is THAT good.) 
Smith Optics (Because even pregnant chicks need hot shades and I'm thinking they'll help with hiding the "I got 2 hrs of sleep b/c of this baby" routine)
Bonk Breaker (found out that these are not just for long training sessions! The PB&J high protein is perfect for curbing pregnancy hanger emergencies on the go).
Dan Selstad ART (Dantheman has been around me longer than I've done triathlon...I'm not letting him go anytime soon, even if I don't need ART for a couple months...)
MRM (MRM vitamins and supplements are key for my training but also for keeping healthy during doctor recommended I up my Vitamin D3 and MRM's vegan D3 has been perfect! I'm also using the Veggie Elite protein daily in smoothies w/ greens (when you are a nauseous pregnant chick, disguising greens can be helpful!)
Nytro - My LBS (that's "local bike shop" for non-cyclist geeks) has been pretty darn good to me over the years and they're in for the long haul- thankfully, because Luke is not exactly Mr. Bike fix-it and as one of the biggest Cannondale dealers in the nation, the perfect place for me - and one mile away from home doesn't hurt!
Beaker Concepts- as only the Beaker mastermind knows, he helps me with so much more than just my rear hydration system...

There may be one or two more supporters -but with all the holidays, etc, and my travel, I haven't had the sit down yet with them, but that said, NO ONE has ditched me on this- everyone I've worked with in the past has been excited and helpful... There really are amazing companies out there...

Ok, off to bake the baby!