Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nesting- Preparing "The Office"

While I'm taking care of organizing and decorating the nursery, Luke has completed another important project in preparation for the baby's arrival: The home office.
Not your typical home office, ours is less computer/printer/desk and more treadmill/turbo/gym... After all, one or both of us may need to spend more time at home pretty soon while still getting the job done.. Lots of people have a "pain cave", "wattage cottage", "dungeon", whatever you like to call it, but we keep it pro around here ;)..
Have a look... welcome to our office:

Serious business only please.

come on in....
Hard to tell what's going on at first...

We've got the strength corner: TRX, pull up bar, box, BOSU, Squat rack (bar is coming), captain's chair

and endurance athlete essential tools... dumbbells, foam roller, TP Therapy Grid, medicine ball

Then... the "work station" .... Lemond trainer turbo setup, treadmill, whiteboard to track workouts, mirror for form, TV w/ bluetooth wireless headphones, Hypoxico Altitude generator & training mask, fan, photos & inspiration from races.. (also on the door you see resistance bands & jump ropes- we LOVE jump rope).
I call this the refueling and recharging station- All the Garmins (& GoPro) sit on top of the Chocolate Milk fridge... Luke empties this fridge at an alarming rate.

I know @therealstarky prefers white milk, but we keep the brown cows in business over here

Shoes & Sunnies..... My Zoots fight for space with his Sauconys but the Smiths live in harmony up top (we share...) . Getting another shelf to stack on this one to make room for more shoes, right now we're only allowed whatever is in current rotation as space is a premium!
trophy/memorabilia corner
That's pretty much it... Not a lot of space- just a converted single car garage.... but enough to get the job done...Now show me your office....

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Truckin' Along- Cardiff Kook 10k & the New Normal

"How are you feeling?!?!"
This is what everyone asks you when you are six months pregnant..... Seriously, everyone.. And it's a lovely question and people seem genuinely interested as to if you're feeling super tired or ache-y or hungry or moody etc...
The truth is, my "new normal" (i.e. pregnant normal) is a helluva lot easier than my previous normal
(wake at 5:00, train, work all day, train again, eat, re-pack bags, sleep, repeat).... As I conveniently took a leave of absence from my job as a school psychologist for this year not anticipating pregnancy, my "new normal" has been more like:
*Wake up when I wake up... (usually 6:30/7:00.... but no rush here)
*Work for a couple of hours (athlete training plans, emails, calls, etc)
*Go for a run or spin class/trainer session (60 min or less)
Luke running hill repeats at Torrey Pines while......
I ran parallel on the beach & trails below him
*Work or relax
*Noon masters swim (I think I'm finally keeping a little tan this winter!)
*Run errands (having time to actually go to the bank, grocery store, dry cleaner is such a novelty!)
*Strength session (Rehab United functional strength class OR pilates reformer) - only if I didn't run/spin in the morning
*Coffee w/ a friend
*Make dinner (I've been cooking a lot of new "winter-y" meals- healthy soups/ stews/ lasagna / meat loaf and such...I LOVE having time and energy to plan meals and make dinner, as well as a happy man who likes to eat anything I put in front of him. Seriously, I just make something healthy, top his with a lot of cheese, and haven't heard one complaint yet!)

So really, do I have room to complain?  For years, I would have killed for this schedule and now, I am doing my best to enjoy it and feel lucky every day that I can have this kind of flexibility. YES, it's great that I'm still working out (people keep telling me this "wow! you're still running", etc...) But honestly I have no excuses and it is so much easier now that it's on my schedule and my terms. Tired in the morning? bank some work hours in the a.m. & run in the afternoon! Sudden burst of energy after breakfast? Get out the door! So yeah, I do get tired, hungry, moody, ache-y etc....but when I compare this with the old daily grind and the tired/hungry/moody/ache-y you get from Ironman training while holding down a full-time job... well so far (i know,  knock on wood), this whole pregnancy shebang has been way easier (ask me again in 2 months maybe)....[And please, don't get me wrong and think I'm saying pregnancy should be "easy" for everyone- it's not a choice, I know many people who have been on bed rest, had complications, etc, and I know that is a WHOLE different ball game, which I admittedly know nothing about and am pretty sure can be WAY harder than Ironman training]....

Let see...what else....

I had fun running the Cardiff Kook 10k with a couple thousand of my local friends.....Still managed a 44 min time - about 6 min off my usual time- so I guess I'm about a minute per mile slower in general- but typically my training runs now hover close to 10 min per mile pace because you know what? What's the rush? I can assure you that w/ 25 extra lbs I'm still getting quite the workout no matter what pace. Time to enjoy the view.
Running in the 10k
my workouts have also been extra fun since Zoot send me some awesome training kits that FIT my pregnant bod (see you in the fall (I hope!), size Small!) 

I also visited my sister and her twin toddlers in Chicago (yeah...brrrrrrrrr!) She was so wonderful and is a total baby whisperer, guiding me through what, when, and how to do everything that I know nothing about.

toddler trouble! 
 It is also apparently triathlon awards season and we attended a couple fun industry events.... First, Luke won the Ron Smith Award at the Triathlon Business International conference in LA and then we attended the Endurance Live endurance sports awards in San Diego this past weekend.....

triathlon version of the red carpet....

close up.....

me & Luke... I think his genes will help make a pretty baby GIRL, don't you? 
 Other than that, the "nesting" we've been doing is mostly in the way of preparing our indoor training "Office" ... We want to make sure to have a fully functioning training office at home w/ a treadmill, good trainer setup,etc to make training at home easy for when the baby arrives. We're almost done and I'll post some pictures soon- I love it!  We'll get going on the baby nursery soon... baby steps here ;)