Friday, March 14, 2014

A week in Noosa, Australia

The main mission of this trip to Australia is for Luke to race Ironman Melbourne on 3/23... IM Melbourne is the Ironman Asia Pacific Championship, so w/ 4000 KPR Points (Kona points for professional athletes trying to make it to the world champs race in October) & a $125,000 total prize purse, it will be a highly contested and surely exciting day.
Pre-Melbourne, we're on a trip to Queensland - spending a day in Brisbane w/ sister Jacque and a week or so training up at Luke's parent's house in Noosa. 
little Jacque & big Beffy... 30 weeks down, 10 to go! 

View of the Brisbane river from Jacque & Glenn's place

Unfortunately, Luke had "a stack" as they call it here and flipped off his bike on one of his first training days in Australia... 
A little banged and battered and some new bike parts required, but it was definitely a "could have been worse" crash. After a couple days out of the pool to avoid infection and a bit of recovery, he was back on track and has knocked out all the final training prep sessions. 

My days here are quite lovely, but they are long! I get up by 6am and usually run/waddle for 45 - 60 min before it gets stinking hot. 
Watching the surf from a jog in Noosa National Park

Noosa morning
Later in the day, we'll usually swim for about an hour. Aside from some strength work, that's about all the "training" I need/want to be doing right now (no Cannondale here in Aus this time for me to ride indooors). So, once I'm finished with a workout and my coaching stuff...wellllllllll. 
There is plenty to do in Noosa, but I don't really have a car. Well, I do have a car, I just can't drive it! The car we drive here (on the left side of the road mind you) is right-hand drive, but also stick shift (my mind is hurting just thinking about the coordination). I've been too nervous to try to drive stick w/ my left hand while trying to remember to stay on the left side of the road, etc... Maybe if it was my car, but a borrowed car- me thinks I'm a slight liability. 
So, while Luke is out training or getting a massage or whatever, once all my things are done, I do a lot of obsessing over where flight MH 370 has disappeared to and snapchatting videos of my whistling/ couch lying to my friends back in Cali à la this: 
just a still shot- spared you the video

But, it's been nice, since I typically am on the go all day long in California. I'm digging my Aussie time- which is like island time as Australia is a REALLY big island. And, Monday it's off to Melbourne, where I'm sure it will be nonstop all week long. Looking forward to catching up w/ old friends and especially seeing my athlete Kerensa who is racing her first Ironman in Melbourne- and I get to be there.  Ciao! Or as they say in Australia.....wait, what do they say? I know "G'day mate" for "Hey", but not sure about their version of adios... hmmmmmm..... 


nrmrvrk said...
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nrmrvrk said...

... adios

Hoo Roo

velolassie said...

Plain old Aussie for goodbye is "See ya, mate". Down here in NZ its "See ya bro" or "Cheers, bro". Hope that solves the dilemma. A great way to end the conversation is to say "NZ is much better than Australia". Ha ha, they love that :) said...

Have you figured out where the flight went yet?

Also, you know, there's lots of books and magazines and stuff...

Jennifer Ward Barber said...

Great to hear it's going well!

Tyra said...

I think "see ya" would be the most typical slang reply, or "see ya late, mate" ;)

It's been a long, hot summer here in brisbane. I'm definitely looking forward to it cooling down a little bit.

Enjoy the rest of your time here in Aus!