Friday, March 21, 2014

Ironman Melbourne tomorrow!

This week took us from Noosa (East coast/middle) to Melbourne (bottom/still east)... about a 2.5 hr plane flight.

I picked up some souvenirs along the way at the airport...
always thinking of my friends at home on Snapchat
Since our arrival, I've been exploring the city by foot- running & walking... lots of good shopping & lots of good coffee shops (with AMAZING chai lattes- they mostly brew Chai tea leaves with honey and then steep in milk instead of just dump Chai flavored sugar in your drink). We had home base at Troy & Jen's lovely place in Elwood for a few days (thanks, guys!) & have since moved to the race hotel close to the finish line so I can waddle there easily on race day.


cafe Racer where many local rides begin & end
 Other than that, there's been a lot of following the pre-race media Tour de Luke ....Radio interviews, photo shoots, speaking to kiddos, ribbon cutting-type things... It's becoming more clear to me that as a top-level pro- it's not so easy to just "put your feet up" the week of the race. Lots of obligations, but Luke always does it with a smile and he genuinely enjoys talking to everyone. (Which sometimes often turns me into no-fun-Beth-chit-chat-police dragging him away when he's in a conversation but we're late to the next appointmentt) The best part of Tour de Luke was the Triathlon Australia dinner where Luke won the award for 2013 Performance of the Year.. His parents got to be there so it was extra special for all.
kids at at triathlon performance academy (EPTA)

Announcement that IM Melbourne & the city have extended the race contract 3 yrs. 

Blue steel w/ Luke Bell

Ironman Live in the City Radio show/Interview
Pro press conference w/ Marino Van Hoenacker, Luke, Crowie, Caroline Steffen, Rebecca Keat, Mary Beth Ellis

Triathlon Australia awards dinner
Other than that, my athlete, Kerensa, is ready for her first Ironman here in Melbourne and I get to spectate! I'm always reminded of how much I LOVED my first Ironman in 2010 (snafus aside....and by the way searching for that link I realized I wrote 5 blog posts about that one Ironman. slightly embarrassing.) I wish I could bottle that "first Ironman" feeling, but the closest I get is anticipation for others for their first Ironman. found a card for K that was apt for the occasion.....

The race begins Sunday March 23rd (tomorrow here)... at 7:20am for pro men, 7:23am for pro women and 7:38am for age groupers...In the states, I believe thats 1:20pm for PST, 2:20 for MST and 4:20 (haha she said 4:20) for EST....The conditions should be chilly, choppy, and windy...Luke's stoked as for him, the harder the better. Follow my twitter @IMbethgerdes and for updates! 

bet they'll be glad when they get here on the run...1K to go! 


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