Saturday, March 8, 2014

Oh, the places you'll go!

"Oh, the Places You'll Go!" The quintessential Dr. Seuss gift for graduates and babies.....It also would have been a good gift for me about 2 years ago when my stable, predictable life was breaking down and I wasn't quite sure where I was headed..

Turns out I was headed all around the world.
Starting with a solo "Eat, Pray, Love" type of race-cation in the south of France for Ironman Nice in June 2012, it seems like it's been a world tour since then and though it was scary and uncertain, it's also been a whole lot of fun and adventure that I wouldn't change for anything. For a year, I lived in a tiny box in Cardiff (lovingly nicknamed named "the bat cave" & "the nook"by my friends.) I think my little studio was about 300 sq ft. No stove! No laundry! No oven! Obviously no dishwasher. 4 bikes in the "kitchen" (corner)....but it was all mine. It was adorable, and I loved it. I walked the neighborhood at night, listening to the ocean and knew that it was a temporary place, but a stop I was happy to make on my journey. Living "simply", I banked a little savings of both money and cajones and in June 2013 decided to take a leave of absence from my full-time job to coach and race full time. And I've never looked back or been happier. I do miss my job and my colleagues, but I also love the coaching and freedom that comes along with a flexible job and allows me to take on the world and be Luke's sidekick. 

the team

The places I've gone the past 2 years can't be summed up in my passport stamps because they are also places of inner growth and happiness and finally realizing that following your heart and your dreams will lead you where you need to be.

BUT, as I sit here and write this from an airport lounge in Fiji (i'm on a layover to Australia to meet Luke for his race at Ironman Melbourne), I'm realizing that even since this baby has been joining me on my travels, we've gone some pretty amazing places - and all in the last 8 months!
Our baby will definitely need another kind of baby book- one that documents our family travels around the world. In my belly it seems she's already been to:

Madison, Wisconsin : where she raced her first Ironman (unbeknownst to me)
Kona, Hawaii: to watch her Dad place 2nd at the 2013 Ironman World Championships
best moment 2013! 
Philadelphia, PA: to visit her soon-to-be Grandparents & tell them the big news
Nassau, Bahamas: to race an Olympic Triathlon and hang on the beach
Every town from Noosa, Australia to Sydney Australia in our motor home tour of the Australian coast
Bali - the official "babymoon!"
Naples, FL- more triathloning at the HITS Naples Triathlon
Bend, OR - just a quick trip
Palm Desert, CA- twice in february- our favorite little desert town to stock up on quality training weekends. A couple photos from our last two visits to Palm Desert/La Quinta:
TT Territory in Mecca, CA. No traffic and roads for days. 

box canyon.. my fave...

the Palm Desert 50m pool
Supporting my talented Reve Endurance athlete Kristina at Desert Tri Olympic

Celebrating Courtney's great race at Desert Tri
 After all the travel, though, there truly is no place like home in Encinitas, CA. We've got a little cottage thats just enough, but not too much, for a couple that travels so much, a great  network of friends, and of course the CA sunshine...
Last bike ride outdoors on the Cannondale Evo - 29 weeks pregnant

spin with the girls

At this very moment, I'm en route back to Australia to visit Luke's family and watch his first big Ironman race of the year. Time to board the plane, see you from the next adventure! (p.s. Thank you Katie & Keith for housesitting!) 


GoBigGreen said...

Ahh the wise D grad Theodore G:) Love it.
Best of luck in your next adventure Beth. Keep on posting as its fun to see you embrace the world, and when you are ready you KNOW racing will be there:)

EF advance said...
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Natalia said...

Also a fav in my house! What an amazing journey ! You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose!

sakurastepbystep said...

i love that book! isn't life funny...all the twists & turns. enjoy the ride! you are going to be a great mama to that little one! :)

MissFancyPants said...

So glad to hear you are continuing doing what you r doing while pregnant (obviously stepping it down). It is extremely healthy for yours and the baby well-being and producing a happy little baby! Sofie enjoyed her constant moving around and I think that is what makes her always on the go, smiling and loving life. You are going to be a great mommy!!

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vabna islam said...

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