Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 35 weeks

I feel like a lot of pregnancy is a big waiting game and there is not much you can do besides be patient while the baby bakes, get your life in order, spend time enjoying your last few moments as a couple (if it's your first), and if there's any time left over- be lazy! last chance!

My due date is May 23rd, so I'll be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow (you're due at 40 weeks for anyone clueless out there as I was). Now that I'm within 5 weeks, I'm starting to feel as though the countdown is on. As obvious as the analogy is, it really does feel like an Ironman is approaching. You start to make checklists, pack bags, get your race birth plan in order, get your equipment tuned up (or build strollers, etc), and just wonder what the big day will bring. Too bad there is no 17hr time limit for labor though and I have a feeling Mike Reilly will not be race announcing in my hospital room w/ Black Eyed Peas "I've got a feelin'" blaring from the speakers.. "Beth and Luke... YOU...ARE.... PARENTS!!!!!"

Overall though, I can't complain. My pregnancy woes are pretty rare and mostly just include back pain and having to pee 4 times during every run. Sometimes I even forget I'm pregnant. But most mornings, Luke wakes up and turns to me wide eyed, acting surprised, and says loudly in his Australian accent, "THERE'S A BABY IN YER GUTS!" So, that quickly reminds me.

took this today: 35 weeks pregnant

We've also been setting up the nursery (re: tiny nook off of our master bedroom) for our little girl.... a mix of aqua, orange, grey & white with a bit of aussie flair. most of the stuff in our nursery is handmade by yours truly people on etsy.

so etsy ;)
aforementioned Aussie flair. Baby must know her Australian animals! 

On the "training" front, I wanted to give an update of what I've been doing- which is actually quite a bit and maybe more than I expected I'd be going at 35 weeks pregnant, but all easy and aerobic. As I'm hoping to return to racing as soon as I'm able, I feel as though staying generally fit without over-doing it is important for me (& good for the baby). After reading other athlete blogs, I wanted to post what I've been doing as I found other people's info super helpful. Everyone is different, but this is what works for me. Also remember, I'm working from home and sleeping 9-10 hours per night... I'm QUITE sure I wouldn't be keeping this level of activity on any less sleep than I'm getting and a hectic work schedule.
Here's what I did last week:
MONDAY: 70 min masters swim (3700 yds), 1 hr functional strength workout at Rehab United
TUESDAY: 65 minute run with Kerri (6.7 miles),  1hr Masters swim (3200 yds)
WEDNESDAY: 55 min spin class, 60 minute Yoga Sculpt class
THURSDAY: 1 hr masters swim (3300 yds), 1 hr functional strength workout at Rehab United
FRIDAY: 60 min spin class, 1 hr masters swim (3200 yds)
SATURDAY: 1 hr masters swim, , 45 min run solo
SUNDAY:  50 min run w/ 3 girlfriends, 1hr Masters swim (3300yds)

Yesterday's run with Asia.. .She's headed to run BOSTON MARATHON this Monday! I'm pretty sure my pace helped boost her confidence. 
I'm not "training" 14 hrs every week  though. Pregnancy has helped me "let go" in general... During the weeks I was in Australia, I probably got in about 6hrs/week- one hour or less per day and a few off days without any stress or guilt. It was nice to actually be able to enjoy vacation & travel without constantly googling the nearest pool hours or mapping out a safe ride locale. At home, its just so easy for me to get out and do my favorite things with my friends ( masters swim at the Y, Rehab united strength sessions where I can chat w/ Katya & Courtney the whole time, and fun runs with the girls I don't always get to run with when I have specific training goals to accomplish in my run sessions).

That's about all I've got here on the update front. Next up for Luke is Wildflower half ironman and I have a couple coached athletes racing there as well, so should be a fun weekend adventure and our last trip before hunkering down for the big day!

13 comments: said...

Jesus, you're training more than I am.

Also, hopefully see you at WF. I take it you guys won't be camping?

Dolly said...

You look amazing for 35 weeks pregnant! Nice training schedule too!

Kelsey Deery said...

Lovely!! Hope to see you soon! Hugs..

Beth said...

This is so awesome! Excited for you! By the way, I'm hoping the baby holds out until May 27 because that's a pretty fantastic day to be born. :)

Tales of Roads & Trails said...

Yay! I'm due on May 15th and totally understand the feeling. I'm on a MTB race team this year and I've got some races scheduled for the year. Here's to having healthy babies and getting back on track soon ;)

sakurastepbystep said...

Yayyy mama Beth! so excited for you two! :)

Kristin M said...

WOW, Thats great training!! When I was pregnant I did at least an Hour a day. Feels good to keep moving! Keep showing the world its ok to workout during pregnancy! You rock!
You are looking great for 35 weeks!!

Kristin M said...

WOW, Thats great training!! When I was pregnant I did at least an Hour a day. Feels good to keep moving! Keep showing the world its ok to workout during pregnancy! You rock!
You are looking great for 35 weeks!!

MissFancyPants said...

3rd trimester!!! Ahhhh good times - lots of energy!! I don't understand the sleep thing - it's not like I banked sleep once baby comes - enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! It's so exciting - you will be back to training for races in no time - the most important part is that these workouts will help u for the big day!!

MissFancyPants said...

And you look fab!

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Adam Heller said...

The countdown intensifies the pressure and the excitement, don't they? I can only imagine how worried Luke is whenever he reminds you that you’re pregnant. Hehe! Kidding aside, it’s nice to know that you continued running even though you’re pregnant. That will help you in having a smooth delivery and a healthy body, come your due date. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your new baby in the future. Congratulations! :)

Adam Heller

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