Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Finale: European Adventures part 3

I've fallen victim to the "too much to write about so I'll write nothing" syndrome in the past few weeks. The end of our European tour was absolutely the most incredible week I've experienced. Starting with a private jet and ending with a spectacular night in Paris for Luke's birthday, it's really not likely that I'll have a trip that lives up to that one anytime soon. Between the jet and the birthday was a week in the Pyranées and Bordeaux following the Tour de France with the Garmin-Sharp pro cycling team. Each day, we'd wake to an amazing breakfast and then ride part of a stage of the Tour de France. After our ride, we'd relax and watch the finish of the stage, enjoy a long dinner with friends and repeat the next day. In between, I managed to run my way around a few cities (Pau, Bordeaux) and have a few failed lap swim workouts in tiny hotel pools (can't win em all). There is no way to properly thank those that made this trip possible, but thank you to Mark, Jacque, the Garmin-Sharp crew, Tommy, Chris, & of course Luke for making the experience of a lifetime.
Don't get used to this, Wynne!

sunflower fields in the French countryside
al fresco
suboptimal swimming situation
foggy Bordeaux run
chugging away on my Cannondale Evo
The best day was the climb of Le Tourmalet, one of the historic Tour de France climbs. 19k and an average of 7.4% grade made me shed a few tears behind my Smith's, but I eventually made it to the top (w/ the help of a couple pushes from my soigneur, Luke). I'll tell you, 8 weeks postpartum, this was a big ask, but I'm glad I didn't miss it. Or at least now I'm glad, at the time....not so sure... but it was AMAZING! Screaming fans, accordion players, people dressed as Devils and Borat and you name it. Magnifique!
Tourmalet climb profile..not ideal for those power to weight ratio-challenged
making my way up the Tourmalet
After all the riding was done, we ended the trip with 24 hours in Paris... We hit the metro with Wynne (baby's first subway ride!) and took some requisite Eiffel Tower photos before Luke's birthday dinner.
baby on le metro
Wynne catching some zzzzs during the photo opp

After all was said and done, we hit the plane exhausted. I was ready to sleep the entire 13hrs of plane flights back to California...but oh wait...I have an infant...So much for the days of popping an Ambien and passing out!

Back in San Diego for a week, we caught up with friends, had a big BBQ at our place and said goodbye to auntie Jacque, who flew back to Oz

chilling with her honorary aunties Kirsten & Kerri
bye auntie Jacque!
We unpacked, repacked, and hit the road for Bend, OR where we are hunkering down for 6 weeks of big training for luke's Kona prep.... And my Ironman is just around the corner too...I'll post an

update on how it's all going up next- I can't believe Wynne is already almost 11 weeks old, and I also can't believe what my body is allowing me to do training-wise.. I'm not "there" yet, but am starting to get glimpses of normalcy and I'm really excited! 

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Raymond Curry said...

That was such a fine time through and through, it seems, and with a private jet, to boot. Wow! That is the way to start it. You are onto something else with those things, and are way out into the path of endless journeys. May you keep on going on all those travels, and continue to do so in your own time. All the best!

Raymond Curry @ Holstein Aviation