Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kona 2014- Ironman World Championships

Photo by Nils Nilsen. Full gallery on a day in the life here at

I flew back to Kona, Hawaii from Ironman Malaysia...How convenient that I planned my Ironman recovery to coincide with 2 weeks on the big island as Luke tapered for Ironman Hawaii. I'd like to say I spent 2 weeks resting and relaxing, but those words don't really come into play when you have a 4 month-old baby and all your friends from around the world convene in one little town for 10 days or so. The week surrounding Ironman in Kona is quite possibly my favorite time of the year. Whether you are racing or not, if triathlon is your thing, the energy on the island is indescribably amazing. As a spectator this year, and a recovering spectator at that, I got to enjoy my fair share of fish-watching ocean flops, easy rides & coffees with friends from around the globe, happy hours ($5 piña coladas!) at the Royal Kona, sunset BBQs, great times with Luke's family and of course- the underpants run. For the first time ever, Wynne got to experience these things too...I'm pretty sure she loved her first annual Hawaii vacation. She slept like a baby the entire time (oh wait...she IS a baby)- but she slept so well that Luke even slept in the living room with her every night during pre-race week (he thought our room was too hot) and not a peep from Wynne. Pretty funny when I tell people I "made" Luke sleep out on the couch w/ our 4 month old baby the night before Ironman Hawaii.
Wynne's first Ironman Expo- so many sights & sounds! 
Queen-K-ing it on my Cannondale
Emma Snowsill (Olympic gold medalist 2008 in triathlon) recaffeinates on our ladies ride. 
Running into the Betties at the Underpants run

Daily ritual- coffee at Daylight Mind (Photo: Nils Nilsen)
Play time in the pool (Photo: Nils Nilsen)

Pro press conference... Luke looking serious
Race day was so exciting and lots of eyes were on Luke, as he placed 2nd in Kona last year. Luke's day didn't pan out exactly as he had hoped, and he finished 15th on the day. 15th isn't 2nd, but when we look at the grand scheme of things- Luke went to compete with the top 50 ranked Ironmen in the world, and even on a day that was not his day, he came 15th. To me, that is pretty impressive and I was incredibly proud. But to be honest, I would have been proud and happy even if he was last as Luke is the most kind, generous, hard-working, dedicated and genuine person I know every single day. And Ironman Hawaii is just one day of the year. Maybe next year will be his year, and hopefully I will be there racing too. If I am, please forgive me if I stop in my tracks on the Queen K to cheer him on...One day he will win and no one will be more deserving.
Running on Ali'i making up some ground

Special thanks to Steph at SOAS for Wynne's amazing custom cheering onesie... Even has pockets on the back for her gels ;) 

Hi fives for Dad w/ Auntie Jacque

We are now back in San Diego for a few much-needed weeks at home. I'm back to training for the next big one (more on this next week!) & we're having fun catching up with friends and just being home with Wynne. Next stop on this world tour is the Bahamas Triathlon on November 9th! The travel seems to never end, but we are getting "traveling-with-baby" dialed in and we still are lucky to have the help of auntie Jacuqe. I didn't quite know what I was signing up for in becoming Luke's partner, but I'm pretty sure I'll never wake up in 20 years and regret taking these opportunities to experience the world. On to the next adventure!


daniel m said...

Great read.

Judi Carbary said...

Hard job juggling pros and moms and dads!
Great report! Keeping it all fun!

Tracey Locher said...

This whole journey is amazing! That cheering outfit with space for the gels... soooo cute! This year, Wynne sleeps... next year as a toddler... another great challenge for sure. Keep posting! Your local fans keep cheering you on!

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