Friday, June 27, 2014

Hello, World!

It's been almost a month since our daughter Wynne was born and I'm finally coming up for air! So...... HI! Although the blog has fallen a bit by the wayside, I'm excited to pick it back up as I get back into training, travelling the world with our new family, and coaching a bunch of inspiring athletes. Besides, I need somewhere to chronicle my parental mishaps and athletic woes ;). But backing up a bit....

After 23 hours of labor, Wynne Victoria McKenzie was born on 5.29.14 at 3:03 a.m. weighing 6lbs 11 oz.
Wynne & Daddy at the hospital

1 week old! 
naps with Dad
Here's the truth: The first 10 days I was a hot mess. Between super-sleep deprivation, hormones, and being essentially chained to the house, I was on the edge. The edge of what, I'm not so sure, but it was some kind of edge, and I'm glad I'm off it!
so serious. 

After about 2 weeks, things settled in a bit. I caugh up on sleep as much as possible, got into a routine w/ Wynne and got out of the house a lot more. After 2 weeks I also started doing some light "pre-training" (which is exercise I just don't quite qualify as "training")...

3 weeks in, we took our first family road trip up the central coast of California to "practice" for our upcoming European travel in July.  I actually learned a lot about having a baby on the road, so it was a good test run.
lesson 1: bring more outfits than you think they could possible need. Wynne ended up dressed in a rag for the trip home... sorry baby! 
I also learned that in my own training, it's important not to mix up my ambitions with my capabilities... I wanted to participate in some of the weekend's training (Luke & Trevor & Courtney & Mitch were doing a big Ironman training weekend.) However, my desire to participate was overshadowed by my out-of-shapeness (that's a word, right?) and I had some rude awakenings (but also an amazing time and logged some hard but beneficial miles). I left a couple tears on a HUGE hill outside San Luis Obispo, but at least I'm back on the horse.
 suboptimal power-to-weight ratio made every pedal stroke sting. 
Summiting Trev's "postpartum loop of doom" 
Now, after nearly one month, I feel pretty adjusted to the new normal. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to being the on-call milk machine every two to three hours, but she's worth it. We've had grandparents in town nearly the whole time, so Luke and I have both been lucky to get out a bit more than some new parents w/ such amazing babysitters around. Things will change once we're really on our own.. But we'll adjust.

My body is feeling close to normal (although I've still got about 14 pounds to lose) and I'm enjoying every minute of training I can squeak in. I've come to realize that my return to triathlon racing probably won't be limited by my body's capabilities. Instead, my biggest limiter seems like it will be training time and scheduling. When Luke & I are on our own, it's important to prioritize his training right now, so I take the random hours here and there where they fit in with his (and Wynne's) schedule. And speaking of Wynne's schedule, she needs to be fed (by my boobies) every 2 to 3 hours during the day... And this is from the beginning of each feeding and she takes about 40 minutes to eat. This leaves me with a max of about 2 hrs between feedings... I'll need to get creative with some bike and run loops that swoop back by the house once I try to get in some longer workouts, I guess! I'm wondering how other breastfeeding moms have done it (or have they just not been crazy enough to train for Ironman during the first six months of their child's life)...I'm guessing the latter, but I'm always up for a challenge!

Speaking of.... Ironman Chattanooga in T minus 92 days ..... #anythingispossible... right?