Friday, January 30, 2015

Never too late....Thailand & Challenge Phuket

The original purpose of this blog was for me. Just for me. A chronicle of healing from a running injury and starting to train for triathlons. My blog has changed from just for me, to a little bit for the people who I know read (this could be "read" in past or present tense ;) as well as sponsors.
But no matter what, all along, it's been about documenting my journeys and the blog has taken me from age 27 to nearly 35. I don't think I've missed documenting a trip or race in some fashion (not always a race report) and I'm not about to start now.
So, even though Pucòn 70.3 is SOOOOO last month and our trip to Thailand was SOOOOOOO last year, I wanted to throw up a couple thoughts and memories. For me. (Pucòn coming in the next couple days, but today, THAILAND!)

So, back in November, we went to Thailand for Luke to race Challenge Phuket (Can you say bucket list race?). We flew San Diego to San Francisco to Hong Kong. We stayed overnight at the Hong Kong airport and flew to Phuket, Thailand the next morning. Not the easiest trip with a six month old, but there are worse things. We made it work. Including an airport-hotel workout with Wynne. We were  those crazy people.

We finally arrived in Laguna Phuket (the resort area) and all I can say is that place is dreamy! Our little family is happy when we're in the hot and steamy tropics and Phuket did not disappoint. We stayed at The Banyon Tree resort thanks to the resort and the race organization and it was most definitely the most unreal and luxe place I have ever stayed. We had an amazing villa with our own private pool and were treated to the world's most unreal buffet every day (can you say MANGO STICKY RICE?). The grounds also have a 40 meter lap pool- perfect for training, and easy access to the bike and run courses for the race where I did my training.
pool just for us! 
I was secretly cursing my decision to race Ironman Western Australia the following week because all I wanted to do was lounge by the pool, drink fresh young coconuts, eat green curry, and relax. Truth be told, I gained a few pounds that week, but Luke actually thought it ended up being a good thing as the combination of breastfeeding Wynne + heavy Ironman training lead to skinny Beth. I thought I was at a good race weight (we always think we're never too skinny, right?), but alas, never got to test it out at super skinny raceweight (as after gaining a few I ended up racing at my previous ideal race weight which for me is about 114/115lbs).

Wynne met her first elephant- Candy! 

Wynne got plenty of life advice from the wise Belinda Granger

She also learned how to chop fresh coconuts

Luke demonstrates motor-pacing Thai Style

Luke's race at Challenge Phuket (half-ironman distance) went pretty well considering the training he had done after Kona (not very much). He had a good swim and the strongest bike, but was unable to drop a couple of fast runners and came in 3rd in the end. If you're wondering about the course- the swim is a warm ocean swim followed by a quick beach run into a freshwater pond. The bike is HILLY and TECHNICAL. I rode it in my training rides and was thankful to not wipe out around some of the steep descending corners. The run is pretty flat but STINKING HOT. The race of attrition is fun to watch and Challenge Phuket is definitely a race that is fun for the competitors as well as the spectators who get to watch the spectacle and experience Thailand. If someone invites you to Thailand, all I can say is GO! I think this is, thus far, my favorite place to visit in the world.

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Unknown said...

How on earth do you have time to pump or feed with all the training? I barely can figure out a jog!!?? And the travelling, truly inspirational