Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Back on the "grind"

We flew home from Ironman Melbourne (race recap here) soon after the race, so I was forced to do the airport waddle a few times and hold up my flight companions as I shuffled slowly down the jetway. Back home in California, it took a few days to get back on schedule. Something about flying WEST is easy and flying back EAST is a total nightmare, yes?

Once we were back on track, we settled into the home life I love. Training in north county San Diego is a happy habit for me and I love knowing every nook and cranny of my training grounds. The first couple weeks home, all the old routes feel new again and I love catching up with my friends and just getting down to business.
Backyard BBQs at home are always a highlight
cruising the home turf
Two of my athletes came down from LA for the weekend for some riding with coach and some technique lessons in the Endless Pool. Lucky girls got Luke as a guest coach
Wheelbarrows at RU Sports Performance Center are good for shoulder & core strength. Wynne likes getting back to her strength routine.
After a couple weeks of solid work, we headed down to Nassau, Bahamas for the opening of The Island House , a new boutique hotel and one of our major sponsors. 
Our "job" for the week was to train with other Island House athletes and explore the new hotel and restaurants. Yes, really. For about two seconds it alllllllmmmmmoooooost felt like work when the travel got over 12 hours each way (delays, layovers, etc), but really.. wah wah wah, right?

A quick note on travel for all you new parents out there: TRAVEL BEFORE THEY ARE MOBILE! We went to a bazillion countries before Wynne was six months old. Although my new mommy stress levels were much higher back then, it was absolutely easier than it is flying with her now. Little tiny newborns sleep A LOT and they DON'T MOVE. These things are key to a long haul flight! On the other hand, a 10-month old who wants to crawl on every dirty disgusting surface, pull the hair of the travelers in the seats in front of her, and throw food everywhere within a 5-row vicinity is NOT so easy. Basically, now I just prepare myself for war before every flight and mentally get ready to meet every demand of the tiny terrorist for the next 6, 8, 10 hours in order to keep the peace on the plane.
prepared to answer this one on the flying machine
OK, back to "work" in the Bahamas. We were able to train with several of the Island House triathletes including Tim Don, Leon Griffin, and Barrett and Lauren Brandon. We put in some brutal heat sessions as well as some "this is training?" Ironman-length ocean swims in perfect turquoise water. All-in-all, it was a successful training and yes, relaxing, trip.
Killer track session. No man left standing at the end of that one!
Nassau Riding
Someone approves of the Island House tub. Mom approved of the rain shower that was directly behind it.
Now, we're back in California for the next 7 weeks with the exception of a 4-day drive to St. George, Utah for the U.S. 70.3 Pro Championships next weekend. Luke & I are both racing and both excited to return to this challenging course in majestic southern Utah- can't wait to see the red rocks of Snow Canyon. St. George was my first-ever Ironman in 2010 (blog post here..oh wow, I wrote 5 blog posts about that? sorry. This link is to the last one). Anyway, I always get that nostalgic first-time feeling going back. Can't wait! 
St. George 70.3 2013

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