Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tour de New England & plans: Ironman Switzerland!

I think we spent almost two weeks at home in San Diego... As usual, it was awesome. As soon as we returned from Ironman Cairns, I strapped my big girl training boots back on and got back to business.
Enjoyed a few family sunsets back in SoCal
Luckily, Scottie (DeFillipis) & Carrie (Lester) were still in town and putting in some big miles so I was able to join them for a few big sessions to get moving. Jess (super cyclist riding for pro team TWENTY 16/ my friend who created Harmony Bars) also was kind enough to accompany me on a long ride from home to the top of Palomar Mountain. I left Palomar with a PR time up there (first time under 1hr 20 for me, and a few minutes under at that). Other than that, Luke joined me for a lot of our typical weekly benchmark sessions. We did our weekly strength efforts up Torrey Pines and I am finally climbing like someone who can actually ride a bike. Our visit home was short and sweet, but I left with some confidence I never had before. Although I tapered for Ironman Cairns and had a few rest days afterwards due to life/travel, I think the extra rest actually helped me kick my fitness into the next gear and I was really able to "turn the screws" (who am I? who says that?) on my training during the end of June/ early July. Luke has been so great for the last few weeks. After recovering from Cairns, he started "taking it easy" which coincides perfectly with joining me for all or part of my sessions and sitting on my wheel or taking pictures or videos as I kill myself on the track. Joking aside, he has been awesome and I love having such a supportive wingman. It also helps bring me to the next level when he's staring me down during every interval instead of off doing his own intervals as he usually is. This is because I work extra hard to see if I can really make him sweat. If I finish an interval and he's a little sweaty or out of breath, I feel quite proud of myself.
Luke pacing me up Bandy Canyon

On July 1, we hit the road (ok, hit the air) for the East Coast, but also packed for potential racing opportunities in Europe, though nothing had been finalized. After Cairns, I debated the pros and cons of racing a few July Ironmans (IM UK, IM Switzerland, IM Whistler) to try to get in for the July qualifying period for Kona. I also debated waiting and doing an August Ironman, but considering I haven't done an Ironman since March and just put in a huge training block, I thought I probably (but not definitely, hah) wanted to cash in on that fitness and race in July. The problem was, we hadn't solidified plans and I was have a MAJOR case of decision paralysis. But, we packed up "prepared for anything" and took the red eye to Boston.
We have this s$%t down to a science! And thanks to Scicon bags we #packsaferidefast ... though they should rename their hashtag #packfastridefast - it's really very simple (or so Luke tells me!) 

First stop on the tour de East Coast was Cape Cod, Massachusetts for my brother's wedding to my lovely and amazing "other sistah" Katy! I love how weddings are always a great excuse for a Gerdes family reunion, and we had a great one. It was great to catch up with all the relatives and I was especially happy that Wynne got to meet her great grandma Gerdes. Between family events, Luke and I packed in some solid training! Everything from bike intervals on the Cape Cod Canal bike path to a track session at the local high school to a long ride out to the tippy tip tip of Cape Cod (Imagine Cape Cod as someone's arm as they're flexing their bicep.

We stayed in the bicep of Cape Cod and rode our bikes out to Provincetown which is the fingertips,  an almost perfect 100 miles round trip). We don't have much (ok, ANY) flat, uninterrupted riding out in California so it was super fun to average over 20mph on a ride... That NEVER happens.
Luckily Luke put a ring on it recently so we could invite him into the family picture with Grandma 
Riding into Provincetown on the 4th of July
After Cape Cod, we hopped on a ferry and spent a short 24 hours on Nantucket Island.
Nantucket is an island 30 miles south of Cape Cod,

We decided to visit Nantucket because I spent summers there as a little girl staying with my aunt, uncle, and cousins who live there and I wanted to see them. We also went because I wanted to show Luke one of the most beautiful places in the USA, or even the world, I think. 
so perfect

Our stay was SO short, but we had an amazing local dinner with my relatives, beach cruisered around town, and took a 19 mile run around the island. It was perfect and WAY. TOO. SHORT. But, we had training to do and the cycling in Nantucket is limited so we bon voyaged back to the mainland.

Island exploring... we were sad they didn't rent SCOTT bikes! 
Cruising to dinner
Luke ....being so Nantucket in his nautical tee. Loving the local oysters
Me & Wynne with aunt Lee & cousin Elsie
This week, we are staying at my mom's house on a lake near Sunapee, New Hampshire. It's been really nice to do absolutely nothing besides train and sit by the lake and relax. The training here is also really good and really different from California. We have a lake out the front door for open water swimming, lots of hilly dirt roads to run on, and new cycling routes to explore.

morning (and afternoon) routine on Perkins Pond
T-run around the lake

T-run around the lake part 2.
Wynne is in heaven at Grandma's and is loving the swimming and the millions of (breakable) knicknacks all around the house. The lake cottage is a bit of a baby death trap, though, with lots of ledges and decks and docks and no options for baby proofing. Needless to say, all eyes on Wynne this week!

So, we will be here until Sunday and then....... Off to Switzerland! We cashed in our miles and got some tickets to Zurich for Ironman Switzerland on July 19th 2015. Europe was NOT in the plan this year, but I must say I am super lucky to have a finacé that easily says "F the plan!" and wants to do what's best for us as a team. I think Luke wants me to race Kona almost as much as I want to race Kona as it was my dream after having Wynne, so off to Zurich we go to try to get a few KPR points. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but now that it's decided, I'm super excited! Besides, I got this fortune the other night at dinner, so I have to go, right?


Marvin Dittfurth said...

Sounds like you are making memories, tasting life, living dreams. Best of everything at Kona.

asg20 said...

Great seeing you at the wedding! Good luck in Switzerland!

Jennifer C. said...

Love this go get it attitude. Also, the photo of Wynne on the back of the bike with a helmet is what finally motivated my 2 year old to let me put his helmet on his head. I've had it for a year and a half and he wouldn't allow it on his head so no family bike rides to date! Can't wait to get him out there, so thank Wynne for me :-)

jacob said...

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