Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Settling in...Noosa

We're right in the middle of a "whole" 7 weeks in Noosa, Australia. This year has been crazy on the racing and travel front, and it's nice to post up in one spot for a bit and do a deep-dive into training for the upcoming Ironman World Championships on October 11th in Kona, Hawaii.

Note to self: next time we want to do a solid "deep-dive" into training, don't align this with moving into a new house with nothing but a mattress.

Due to moving in, our first week training in Noosa was more "shallow flop" than "deep-dive", but we got the necessities taken care of quickly and have settled into a nice routine.

I shouldn't say we are "moving" perhaps. We are still maintaining our place in Encinitas, California, but we have now bought our first home in the Sunshine Beach neighborhood of Noosa in Queensland as home base #2. Luke's family is all based here and it is hard to argue against the year-round trainable weather, perfect training grounds, and possibly the world's best coffee shops.
winter in Noosa (thanks to Jacque for the photos!)
Bel Mondos- one of my favorite local coffee roasters
Out the back door is the chop wood loop in Noosa National Park
Out the front door is the coastal cruise
Since Luke's family is here, we have so much help with Wynne that we are both able to really do all the training that should be doing, not just what we can do around her schedule. Luke's parents & sister help us out almost daily.  Combined with 2 days/week of "school" for Wynne (her first time!), they have really made it possible to train almost like non-parents (though recovery is a different story, hah).
Wynne takes weekly Thursday walks with Nanna & Pa's walking group while mum & dad hit a track session
When we arrived in Noosa, I felt tired (from travel from Switzerland to Chicago to Utah to Phillipines to Australia). I also felt (my version of) unfit (from barely any training for 3 weeks after IM Switzerland). But, with just 10 weeks to Kona, we had to get to work fast! The first 10 days were mostly just "chopping wood": Getting some miles in the legs and going through the motions without too much intensity while we tried to get the house in order. I'll be honest. We were both tired and wondering how the F we were going to make this fitness happen. Also, I know it looks picture perfect, but the first couple weeks were quite chilly (think knee warmers and arm warmers and vests and headbands)...not exactly easy to get up and go at 6am!
getting our long ride on in the hinterland

After those first 10 days, though, things started to click. I finally didn't feel tired any more and I started to feel like my old fit self. As I spend more time in this sport, I am starting to realize that the fitness you accumulate over the years eventually DOES add up to something (who knew?). For years, I doubted this. But now that I've crossed into the 7+ year mark of consistent (minus pregnancy) training over time, I find that it doesn't take me quite as long to get back into the shape I was in before I took a break (for whatever reason- post-race, off season, etc).

We've been here in Sunshine Beach nearly a month now and I already feel like my Ironman fitness is coming onto a new level. Now, anything faster than Ironman fitness is not quite sharp at the moment, but I am really starting to dig in to the longer rides, runs and swims with deeper fitness than I've have felt before. I'm not just spinning along for 6hrs on my long ride, I'm riding that s$%t!

more Noosa
Luke seems to be coming around just as I am which is cool. Rarely are we in sync with our training and fitness, but this Hawaii block has really put us on the same cycle (kind of like girls who live together for too long... haha....ok, NOT like that). Anyway, it's cool to see us have breakthroughs at the same time or be completely exhausted after a similar block of training and rochambeau over who gets to change the dirty diaper (ok, "nappie" since I'm in Australia).
the Wednesday crew headed out to Montville.
We now have about 10 days until Sunshine Coast 70.3, which will be a tune-up race, and just under six weeks until Kona! We head to the Big Island two and a half weeks before Ironman to get some heat in the system and some Queen K miles in the legs.

I want to post a few pictures of our new abode soon, but I have a perfection complex with this sort of thing- need to get it just right first..

From my corner of the world to yours... have a great week!