Sunday, April 17, 2016

bits and pieces - April 2016

reflecting / on Putrajaya 70.3 in Malaysia.
course recon- Putrajaya, Malaysia
 In my 2nd 70.3 of the season, I was actually prepared for a better race than I had. By no means taking away from the 3 women who deservedly beat me, I just didn't show up on the day with my best performance. I did have a solid (read: average) day across the board for me but I was left wondering why I didn't have a little more. 4 days after the race, I went on a 4-hour ride with some local friends. It was hard, but not crazy hard. I came home and saw my normalized power was actually higher than it was IN THE RACE. WITHOUT TRYING. I think I underestimate sometimes how much a true "freshening up" can benefit me before a race, and I didn't give that race the respect it deserved in that capacity, only backing off the volume/intensity in the final 3 days before the race. 5 days after the race, I had my best-ever running hill repeat times up the local (12 min) hill. My conclusion is that the small amount of rest heading into the race, PLUS, the two solid recovery days post-race had finally added up to enough "rest" for me to express my fitness. This isn't really news to me, but we never learn, do we? I'm promising to take this lesson into Ironman Australia in 2 weeks..which means taper starts pretty much... now!

i'm the one in the background... missing the podium by thiiiiiiiiiiissss much

planning / a wedding! Luke and I have decided to get married this year. We are having a really small beach wedding with family and a couple local friends... Hoping to have a bigger par-tay when we return to the U.S. this summer!

listening / my new jam for a hard run off the bike is "I took a pill in Ibiza"(Mike Posner).. Ok, it's definitely about drugs (which are not my jam), but it keeps me going. 8x 1-mile efforts off a race simulation bike this past weekend- that song got me through!

traveling / last weekend we went to Australia's Gold Coast in Queensland (about a 3 hour drive from our home in Noosa) for a few reasons: We wanted a training getaway where we could put in some big miles in a new locale (freshness is always good for motivation!). This coincided with spectating the World Triathlon Series Gold Coast race, an Olympic qualifier, where many of our favorite Olympic distance athletes were competing, many for coveted Olympic slots. Lastly, Luke was nominated for "Male Performance of the Year" by Triathlon Australia and we had a lovely dinner to attend for that.
We packed so much into those 3 days that we left completely satisfied and completely exhausted.

Spectating..... Waiting for the leaders to come through on the run
super long run on the Gold Coast- Surfer's Paradise in the background

I loved bringing Wynne to the WTS race. She already is growing up in the triathlon lifestyle and being exposed to fitness and challenge. Here she is giving US 2016 Olympian (and quite possibly favorite for the Gold Medal) Gwen Jorgensen, some feedback on her race.

preparing / for Ironman Australia just 2 weeks away. This weekend I completed my final race simulation brick workout and last long run..... Taper. Is. Here.

recovering / We just got the Normatec Pulse full-body recovery system. I'm sitting in the boots right now and it has become a daily routine. Training 30+ hours per week, my one weekly massage was just not cutting it in the recovery department. It boggles my mind how tight the compression gets- haven't even had the guts to turn it up to 10 yet!

snapping / always something fun going on over on snapchat.. follow me, username: bethgerdes .

That's all for now. Off to top off the afternoon with some bike hill reps..

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