Monday, May 15, 2017

Inspired by, Reflecting on, & the Daily Daily

Inspired by.....

I woke up this morning (Monday in Australia/Sunday in the US), and the first thing I did was check the results of the overnight racing that happened in the Northern Hemisphere. It took me a while (last summer/fall- I couldn't bring myself to check the start lists or the results for upcoming races I wasn't able to do), but I'm here now. As much as I'm unsatisfied with the outcome for me, and not racing, I have realized through it all that I do really just love the sport of triathlon and the people in it. At times, I thought I could become one of those bitter people who just walks away, or treats Luke's career as a business and 'nothing more' - sending him away to races on the weekend and forging ahead with life at home. But that's not me. I absolutely, shamelessly love triathlon. More than that, I love the competitors, and still follow men's and women's racing voraciously. In fact, I 'feel' each racer's triumphs and failures far more than I used to - I guess it is what they call 'living vicariously'. That's something I never really used to subscribe to (After all, why live vicariously in anything? Why not just do it yourself?). But I do now, and it's making me happy. I'm a true fan of the sport and that's not going to change. And triathlon can use a few more fans, anyway! 

Today I woke up to Northern Hemisphere Mother's Day and saw that two of my favorite pro triathlete moms had fantastic races at a 70.3. Have you ever noticed that moms have special running superpowers? I've been watching them and some other new moms and I'm constantly amazing at what motherhood does to runners. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but maybe the prior experience of labor gives the moms an extra layer to 'dig deep' through when the going gets really tough. Not sure, but I love seeing it on the race course and picturing their littles watching thinking, "I want to run like mom one day." 

I am also often even more inspired by the people who don't necessarily know they're inspiring- often age-groupers. I have a friend who was training for a marathon. She has a full-time, full-on career that requires more travel than I can keep track of and she probably works 50 hrs/ week. In addition, she has two young kids. I didn't even know her super secret 'A' goal was a Boston Qualifying time, but she did it this weekend! She took 17 minutes off her marathon PR and qualified for the Boston marathon. Inspiration around every corner, I tell you. Congrats, Michelle. 

So please, if you're reading this, never write off your journey as less-meaningful or less-inspiring than anyone else's. Don't you ever believe that only the pro athletes are inspiration-worthy. Because I can tell you from the couch, that this is most certainly not true. Please keep posting your personal 'wins' and also challenges because they're truly made of grit and grace and there are people out there who love to see them. 

Reflecting on... 

This past weekend marked our one-year wedding anniversary. Wow. How can so much go wrong in one year? 

I'm sure that's not the sentence you usually expect when reading about year one of matrimony, but hey, c'est la vie. C'est MA vie. Our marriage & family is rock solid, but other that that, well, what a mess. 
As much as I believe that we create our own 'luck', I also believe that sometimes a brief downward spiral may be out of our immediate control. It's learning how to pump the brakes and change direction in the face of disaster and disappointment that truly matters. 

This time last year, I was living the best life I could possibly imagine. I even wrote a blog about it. Heck, I had just 'won' an Ironman, was about to get married to the man of my dreams and had a perfect little bi-continental Australian/American family chasing the endless summer and triathlon dreams. 

That changed for me on June 8th 2016 in my already-documented chain of events that altered the course of my life. In February, when my sanction was announced, I was finally able to mentally move forward from the trauma of the past year. Take me or leave me, believe me or don't, but at least there was no hiding. 

For me, the moment of 'announcement' was cathartic, and much to my husband's relief, I finally became some type of version of myself again. Different, but still me, and yearning to get back to some sort of a strong, less-destroyed person. I set about moving forward with making a 'new life' (literally and figuratively) and deliberately defining my future. I poured myself into helping us start a new business that will be launching in July: 

WYN republic set out to be everything we've ever wanted and needed in a triathlon brand, but hadn't yet found. Luke always wanted to train and race in apparel that was not only the most aerodynamic and functional, but also looked really good and clean and modern. He could never quite find it, so we decided to make our own unicorn. Luke has wanted to do it forever, but never had the time.We had the ideas and the experience, and now I had the time to bring it to life. 
California Bear + Southern Cross = 

We met with manufacturers, visited factories, sourced 'hard-to-find' textiles from Italy, learned graphic design, web design, accounting, and everything we could think of to start a new business. I'm proud to say we will be launching in July with both US and Australian online stores. Many more details to come...

the Daily Daily

Other than that, I'm enjoying time with my #1 (Wynne) while baking my #2 - due in 10 weeks! This pregnancy has been quite similar to my last in that it's relatively "easy"/uncomplicated so far- as much as these things can be. I did get some debilitating fatigue/exhaustion around the first trimester, but been feeling better energy-wise since. Now I just feel cramped and like I'm running out of space.  
30 weeks pregnant not so bad when you can just roll into the pool in Vietnam

I'm still staying active, but not quite as focused as I was last time I was pregnant. Last time, I still stuck to a rough schedule of what I wanted to accomplish each week- usually shooting for at least 3 each of swim/bike/run per week plus strength. It's amazing how quickly consistency goes out the window when there is no goal other than general fitness in mind. 
So, this pregnancy, whatever goes! I am still (barely) running. Yesterday I went on a pregnant Mother's Day run (about 5-6 miles total) out to Hell's Gate (in Noosa national park) with a pregnant friend and I felt moderately ok during, but had some bad pulling on the bottom of my stomach afterwards- might be time to hang up the running shoes for a bit. 

Hiking uphill is still definitely an option, and maybe some short runs. I try to get to masters (swim squad as they call it in Oz) 3 times per week for 3-3.5k sessions, but usually it ends up being 2 times. The last time I rode my bike was about 2 weeks ago. I do want to get on the trainer 1-2x per week, but, to be honest, I suffer from CBF on that one (Can't Be F$%^cked). When I get back to the USA (less than 2 weeks!)- I'll probably jump into some of my favorite spin classes. 

What I have been doing is F45 - which is a functional strength training program here in Australia. It's a lot of fun because they change the session daily (some days it's more cardio/plyo based, other days it's more heavy strength based). I'm easily able to modify the exercises I can't do and still get to spend time with my friends here (who meet me there daily at 4:30pm- always nice to be accountable!) So, 4-6 F45 sessions on top of 4-6 hours per week of swim/bike/run is what's working for me now and still giving me time to work on WYN republic and hang out with Wynne in the mornings before preschool. 

That's it for now... Ok, that's not it, I'm missing so much (trip to Vietnam) but I'm tired and I've been building IKEA wardrobes for our new closet for way too long tonight, so I'm tapping out. Hoping to do some more regular updates with some of Luke's upcoming racing, our travels, and the last 2 months until baby. This blog doesn't have any real 'direction' right now, but I'm going to ride it out and see where it goes... maybe somewhere good. 

Good night from Australia,